How Does Rotating Proxies Service Work?

Theproxystore team has made it very simple and easy for you to use our proxies.  You can use your special backconnect proxies, just like you use normal proxy lists in your software.
You will get the list of your ‘backconnect proxies’ aka ‘proxy gateway’ aka ‘ports’ aka ‘backconnect proxy’ aka ‘rotating proxies’ in IP:PORT format in notepad file, Use the list in your software just like a normal proxy list. When you connect to a proxy, it connects to a IP from the pool of IPs on the backend.  This IP on the backed keep rotating every 10-15 minutes.  You don’t need to change the IP in your software – all proxy rotation automatically happens on our side. Our proxies support all protocols http, https, socks4 and socks5.

Why do you have 1 IP with different ports? I need many different IP addresses

Indeed! Those are gateways/ports, and every port is associated with its own unique external IP address. It’s the peculiar feature of our technology: all the proxies are connected to our server and operate through it. Every port has one Unique IP address associated with it. This IP keeps rotating on the backend. So if you purchase 1000 special backconnect proxies, you will have 1000 unique IPs at any given time that keeps rotating every 10 minutes.

How many subnets do I get if I order 1000 proxies?

Our system is designed in a way to choose the residential IPs on the ports from as many subnets as possible. You can expect to have IPs from atleast 500-600 unique subnets at any given time.

What protocols are supported?

Our proxies supports all protocols. You can use them as you want to. Http / https / socks4 / socks5

What countries are among these IPs?

Our IP pool consists of over 30 million IPs.  We practically cover almost all countries and cities in the world.

Payments and Refunds

Can I test the proxies before purchasing?

Absolutely! Please contact our friendly support through skype/email/ICQ/telegram and we will be glad to offer you trial before you buy. Our team will help you with your questions and queries as well.

How many free tests can I take?

We currently allow 1 free trial per client. In case you need to fix bugs with your scripts or softwares, please contact us again for the free trial and we shall be happy to give it to you.

Are there any Long-term contracts or commitments?

Absolutely, no! You pay as you go. We offer weekly and monthly subscriptions.

What is the fastest way to obtain subscription for private HTTP/SOCKS proxies?

Please get in touch with us through Skype: theproxystore and experience the best of our support. You can also directly signup through our website but all orders are manually reviewed so it may take upto 2-3 hours.

Can I get refund on remaining period of my subscription?

We understand when there are issues. Please contact our friendly support and enlighten them about the situation. We will be glad to offer you best of the situation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Wire, WMZ, Perfect Money and Bitcoins for the payments.

Usage & policies

Do you keep the Proxy Usage Logs?

Absolutely no! We respect your privacy and we do no keep usage logs as long as you are not using the proxies for anything illegal(identity theft, carding, torrents etc.)

How frequently the list is updated?

The IPs on the proxies keeps updating on the background. List is refreshed every 10 minutes.

Can I get GEO IP Locatons?

Unfortunately, it is something we might introduce in near future. As of now. We don’t offer GEO IP locations. All our IPs are from mixed countries all over the world.

Can I get a smaller package than 50 ports?

Thank you for your interest but 50 ports is the smallest package we offer.

Can I get the IPs that stay online for 6 hours/ 12 hours/ 1 day/ 30 days?

Since these are residential IPs, we have no control to keep them up for desired periods. The IPs keep rotating every few minutes.

Can I get extra discount if I order multiple packages?

Possibly! If you are interested in ordering 5+ slots, please get in touch with our sales team and we will be happy to help you.


Will the IP addresses be recognized by Proxy testers as proxies?

Absolutely not! We are offering you special highly anonymous residential proxies which will not get flagges as ‘proxy’ by any cloakers or websites.

Can I Email with your proxies?

We allow mailing. For any special queries, please contact support.

How much do you charge for Bandwidth?

Absolutely nothing! We offer unlimited bandwidth with all our packages.

Can I use your proxies for crawling and data extracting?

Yes, as long as its under compliance we don’t limit you on that part.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes, you can always upgrade your package. Just submit a request with support.